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SuperRally-X event #2

Hosting Organization(s)Michigan SuperRally-X
Event TypeAutocross, RallyCross
Event Date(s)09-Aug-2009
Event Description/

Presented by:

Thompson Racing Fabrication Team Illuminata Motorsport MI Supermoto Drakes Fine Coffee

SuperRally-X is a relatively new form of motorsport which combines the thrills of Euro style RallyCross with the relative safety of US style RallyCross in a two car pursuit format similar to a WRC Super Special, Race of Champions or X-Games Rally. Conducted on a 25% dirt, 75% paved course, cars start of at half a lap apart and chase each other over the course of a lap or two. First car back to their start position wins. Often and event will consist of timed heats with the fastest 8 or 16 drivers going head to head in a knockout competition to determine the overall winner.



75% paved and 25% unpaved (weather permitting).

No jumps but some elevation changes that may result in "air".

Two cars on track half a lap apart; pursuit style.

This event is run in the confines of an oval track at autocross/rallycross speeds. Because of the confines of the space there is slightly more chance of damage occurring if you loose control though this never happened at the previous events. Just thought you should know.


20 driver limit. No 2 driver cars.

Drivers must possess a currently valid automobile driver's license.

Drivers must be over 18 who have run at least 6 sanctioned motorsport speed events

Drivers must wear a helmet, some kind of neck support (available from the event coordinator at special pricing), a substantial jacket or sweater, long pants, gloves and closed toe shoes. Basically, no exposed skin.



Production based vehicles only. No SUVs or trucks. No convertibles.

No classes. Tires are open. Mods are free. Conspicuous number required on both sides of the car this time.


Schedule (tentative)

9 am    Registration Opens

9:30     tech inspection

10:00   Driver's Meeting

10:30   First Run Group second group works. After a parade lap we will run continuously in pairs for an hour until everyone has done the same number of runs (approx. six). All times count. Cones cost 2 seconds.

11:30   Run/work group changeover.

Noon    Second Run Group -  first group works.

1:30     Knock out finals. top 8 cars on overall time paired in a knock out format heah to head.

2:30     course clean up

3:00    Debrief, results (awards)


Driver entry is $45. This is a work in progress so please be flexible. Prior discussions, pics and videos can be found here. Everyone who enters the track must sign the waiver and pay some sort of entry fee for insurance purposes. For that reason we have to charge $2 for any crew or hangers on you bring in. Sorry about that.

Please enter via to secure a spot. Pay on the day. We will accept entries on the day if there is room but please bring a filled in print out of the MyAutoEvents blank form with you and $45 entry fee. If you enter and don't turn up without letting us know in advance we'll hunt you down a sneak a NASCAR bumber sticker on your car.

More info at

Event LocationAutoCity Speedway
Street Address10205 N Saginaw Rd.
State or ProvinceMI
Postal/Zip Code 48420
Location Description
Driving Directions,GGLJ:2007-22,GGLJ:en&q=10205%20N%20Saginaw%20Rd.%20%20clio%2C%20mi&um=1&sa=N&tab=wl
Maximum Entries20
Online Registration Opens14-Jul-2009 10:00 PM EST
Online Registration Closes08-Aug-2009 6:00 PM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
Event RegistrarPaul Eddlestonpaul@teamilluminata.com248.207.0894
Current WeatherClick for extended forecast
Listing Date21-May-2009 by Paul Eddleston
Last Update02-Aug-2009 by Paul Eddleston
Page Views1906

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