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Open Track Day #4

Hosting Organization(s)Waterford Hills Road Racing, Inc.
Event TypeOpen Track/HPDE
Event Date(s)21-Oct-2012
Event Description/
If you'd like to try your hand at Waterford Hills but don't have a race car, the Open Track Day is for you!   Any street car that can pass a basic safety inspection is allowed. Group size and passing is strictly controlled and entrants are grouped according to experience level to maximize on track safety. Instructors are available to show you how to get around the track safely. Come out and give it a try!

Tentative Schedule

  7:00 am – 9:15am  Registration/Tech
10:00 am – Instructor session on track
10:20 am  Begin 15-18 minute on-track 
sessions for each group. 
12:30 pm  Lunch Break 
  1:30 pm On track sessions by group
  3:15 pm  Afternoon Break (15 min)
  3:30 pm On track sessions by group
  6:00 pm  Track closed – NO cars on 

Group sizes are limited, so get your entries in online or by mail.  

Groups include (not in run order):
  • No Experience (1st track day)
  • Some Experience (a few track days, minimal comfort level)
  • Experienced (I do it all the time, been to other tracks)
  • Competition Licensed   (Licensed WHRRI, SCCA,NASA)
  • Fiat 500 Special Run group
  • Ford Focus ST Special Run Group

Event LocationWaterford Hills Road Racing, Inc
State or ProvinceMI
Postal/Zip Code 48346
Location Description
Driving Directions,+Clarkston,+MI+48346-3453
Maximum Entries100
Online Registration Opens27-Sep-2012 9:00 PM EST
Online Registration Closes19-Oct-2012 5:00 PM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Current WeatherClick for extended forecast
Listing Date31-Mar-2012 by Joel Hershoren
Last Update18-Oct-2012 by Joel Hershoren
Page Views1810

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