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2013 DCSCC Champ Series Registration

Hosting Organization(s)Detroit Council of Sports Car Clubs
Event TypeAutocross, Number Reservation
Event Date(s)26-Mar-2013 to 31-Oct-2013
Event Description/
Registration for the 2013 DCSCC Champ Autocross series is now open!  The fee to register is $10, payable through Paypal (to  Registering makes you eligible for DCSCC's year-end awards for class winners, teams, and the overall championship.  It also allows you to reserve a number for the 2013 season that you can use at all Champ events (note: some of our member clubs run events that are non-Champ, and you may or may not get your number at those events).

For a list of Champ events and more information, see the Council blog site,

1. Numbers 1 through 10 are reserved for the 2012 top 10 winners until April 12, 2013.
2. Number 11 is reserved for the top Ladies class driver until April 12.
3. Numbers 101-115 are reserved for CCM 1-15 (DCSCC events)
4. You may retain your 2012 number by registering before April 12.
5. You may choose any number from 1-100 or 116-299, subject to the above limitations
6, The upper limit of 299 will be strictly enforced, higher numbers create issues for the scorekeepers!
7. Registration will remain open for the majority of the season but no points will be scored for events completed prior to registration being processed - please submit ASAP. 
8. If you don't get your first choice number, the Registrar will contact you before the first Champ event.
9. You can still register after April 12, but number availability will be determined on a first come / first served basis.
10. Paypal strongly preferred, email if other arrangements are absolutely necessary.
Event LocationVarious
State or ProvinceMI
Postal/Zip Code 48207
Online Registration Opens25-Mar-2013 12:00 PM EST
Online Registration Closes31-Oct-2013 12:00 PM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
Listing Date25-Mar-2013 by Keith Armitage
Last Update02-Apr-2013 by Keith Armitage
Page Views6052

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