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86 Dynamic Driving Academy- AE86/FRS/BRZ & friends

Hosting Organization(s)Club4AG - Sports Toyota Automobiles
Event TypeDriving Schools
Event Date(s)13-Jul-2013
Event Description/
Event Date: July 13th 2013, 7:30am~4:00pm
Event Entry Price: $125 registered online (link below)
Location: Willow Springs Raceway (Balcony Testing Grounds)

Classroom Meets at various venues local to discuss and exchange ideas with instructors and gather necessary conceptual elements and basic understanding of physics in dynamic control of a car.

The Balcony Testing Grounds allows actual driving dynamics practice, in a safe and controlled, sanctioned environment with instructors for improvement and satisfaction of ownership and learning how to control a car. The goal of the events will not be for the sake of racing, but to understand how cars are driven in a performance venue, with skills to maximize the use of the car at speeds and control the automobile proficiently.


Gymkhana, Pylon cone lesson areas, games, and class sessions with Q&A.

A qualifying automobile in good maintenance
A SA or MA 2000 or newer Helment or an FIA rated helmet.
A good set of tires, and spare pair or set if you can bring some.
A basic set of tools to safely change tires
An assistant is optional and useful
A will to learn, behave, and make friends.
A driver's license from any state or province of USA 
A driver who is 18 years old or older.
Shoes, not sandals, slippers, or boots.
A good attitude
A friendly demeanor
A respect for another person and property

What is NOT required:
Animosity to a particular car
Evil intents
Huge ego
Any significant modifications to car or person
Children or pets that needs supervision full time (unless you bring someone over 18 that can supervise them full time)
Alcohol is prohibited as are any controlled substance in the State of CA
Entourage of people who want to cheer you on, and get in your way.
THis is a classroom, and a school... So don't bring anything or anyone you don't want in school...

IN addition your car needs to be:

Not leaking oils and fluids
Not catching fires
Free of issues of electrical, fuel, or other critical areas mechanically.
Tires more than 1/8" tread usable tread.
Parking brakes and main brakes functional 
All lamps functional
Seatbelts, and seats, that are DOT approved or FIA approved. (factory belts are DOT approved)
Wheel nuts and studs with more than 5 turns to secure.
Hubs and steering system in good condition
We reserve the right to refuse any participants for partial or full refund if we deem your car or equipment not fit for the event with minimal requirements.
Event LocationWillow Springs Raceway (BALCONY Section)
Street Address3500 75th St W, Rosamond, CA 93560
Maximum Entries30
Online Registration Opens02-Jul-2013 1:00 AM EST
Online Registration Closes13-Jul-2013 1:00 AM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
HostMoto Miwamoto@club4ag.com3109517568
Listing Date03-Jul-2013 by Moto Miwa
Last Update07-Jul-2013 by Moto Miwa
Page Views1464

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