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2017 Membership Registration

Hosting Organization(s)Virginia Motor Sport Club
Event TypeAutocross, Number Reservation
Event Date(s)01-Jan-2017 to 31-Oct-2017
Event Description/
Registration for 2017 VMSC membership. 
Lifetime members, renewal and new.   

Cost is $25 for a single membership and $30 for a family of 2. 
We're also including one permanent number per member (or driver). 

If you had a permanent number last year, we will reserve that number for you this year - but you still have to register here. Even lifetime members have to register. 

A Family member is anyone who lives in the same household, (ie.) child, spouse, etc. 
They can be a driver or not. Brothers, sisters and grown children, (generally considered 25 or older), should have their own single membership.  

If you register for a family membership and both members are drivers, you should both register, but only one needs to pay.  That way each of you gets a reserved number.

The 2nd driving family member can select the "$0 payment option for family member".  The person who pays should note the name of the family member in the message to registrar box.

New folks will need to choose a number that was not used last year.  You can find a list of last year's permanent numbers here.

Life members who are no longer required to pay for membership (after 8 consecutive years of paid membership) 
Maximum Entries150
Online Registration Opens01-Jan-2017 1:00 AM EST
Online Registration Closes31-Oct-2017 11:00 PM EST  Online Registration is CLOSED
Online RegistrationView Entry List
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
Treasurer / MembershipJustin
Listing Date08-Dec-2016 by Audie Chenery
Last Update18-Sep-2017 by Justin Loehlein
Page Views2469

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