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Street Freaks Car Show 13th annual

Hosting Organization(s)Street Freaks Car Club,
street freaks car club
Event TypeClub Meetings, Shows/Concours
Event Date(s)23-Jun-2019
Event Description/
Simply the best and most fun show in the area. Enjoy polishing your car and winning trophies? We have some for you... Haven't washed your car in a decade and want to drive it in covered in bugs from the last trip ? We have something for you... New to the scene with your first car ? definitely you should be here... Like having fun ? come on out .. Are you a grumpy old guy who likes to yell at kids to get off your lawn ? Bring your car and chair, you are going to be grumpy at home anyway, we may give you a list of things to yell at the kids about...  20+ categories.... many other awards everyone is eligible for..... Come on out have some fun, win prizes, play games, enjoy a drive in your favorite vehicle, show it off to others that appreciate it, don't forget sunblock and be sure to enjoy some delicious frozen custard or a burger at our gracious host Culver's.
Event LocationCulver's
Street Address5369 Bay rd.
State or ProvinceMI
Postal/Zip Code 48604
Officials and
TitleNameEmail AddressPhone
minister of defensetoddstreetfreakscarclub@gmail.com9897813689
Current WeatherClick for extended forecast
Listing Date29-Mar-2019 by Todd Noitsnot
Last Update29-Mar-2019 by Todd Noitsnot
Page Views162

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