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RallyCross Events
February -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Mon Feb 1st, 2016 to
Sat Dec 31st, 2016
Porterfield 2016 RallyX Series Number Reservations - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details - Entry List - Register Online Now!
Sat Feb 13th, 2016Porterfield RallyX Practice, Feb 13th, 2016 - Glen Helen Speedway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details - Entry List
Sun Feb 14th, 2016Porterfield RallyX #1, Feb 14th, 2016 - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details - Entry List
March -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Sun Mar 6th, 20162016 NEDIV RallyCross Challenge Event #1 (Make Up) - Kempton County Fargrounds (KemptonPA) - Event Details - Entry List - Register Online Now!
April -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Fri Apr 15th, 2016 to
Sun Apr 17th, 2016
Western States National Challenge RallyCross - Desert Empire Fairgrounds (RidgecrestCA) - Event Details
May -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Sat May 21st, 2016Johnson Valley Enduro RallyX Club Meeting - Johnson Valley OHV (Soggy Lake) (Lucerne ValleyCA) - Event Details
June -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Sat Jun 4th, 2016Porterfield RallyX #2, Jun 4th, 2016 - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details
Sun Jun 5th, 2016Porterfield RallyTrial Jun 5th, 2016 at Glen Helen - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details
July -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Sat Jul 16th, 2016Snow Valley Tarmac RallyX, Jul 16th, 2016 - Snow Valley Mountain Resort (Running SpringsCA) - Event Details
October -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Sat Oct 8th, 2016Porterfield RallyX #3, Oct 8th, 2016 - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details
Sun Oct 9th, 2016Porterfield RallyX #4, Oct 9th, 2016 - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details
November -2016
Date(s)Event NameSelect
Sat Nov 12th, 2016Porterfield RallyX Practice, Nov 12th, 2016 - Glen Helen Speedway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details
Sun Nov 13th, 2016Porterfield RallyX #5, Nov 13th, 2016 - Glen Helen Raceway (San BernardinoCA) - Event Details
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