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Autocross (5)
Test and Tunes (4)
Hillclimb/Time Trial (3)
RallyCross (3)
Off-Road (2)
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16-Sep-2019Facebook Links
The situation where event links posted to Facebook resulted in page errors has been addressed.
19-Jan-20182018 SCCA Solo Classes/RTP Index
2018 SCCA Solo Classes and their associated RTP index numbers have been added to the class list template and are available for use when accepting online registration for published events.
06-Mar-2017Quick Publish and Quantity Discounts Reminder
Event Organizers can now take advantage of quantity discounts when activating online registration for a group of events using the Bulk-Upgrade Events feature. Also don't forget the Quick Publish Events feature that allows event organizers to quickly list their entire series of events all at once!
01-Oct-2016PayPal Security Upgrades
PayPal will be rolling out security updates across their platforms starting in October. This may cause unexpected behavior in payment processing on MAE. The most likely scenario is a payment successfully processed but the entry not displaying on the entry list. If you encounter this situation use the contact us form to let us know.

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