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Autocross (19)
RallyCross (5)
Drifting (5)
Swap Meets (4)
Test and Tunes (2)
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25-Aug-2017Email Delivery Issues and Delayed Event Checks (resolved)
The issue with sending/receiving email to and from the domain has been resolved. Any event payments which were delayed by this email glitch have been issued and mailed.
24-Aug-2017Excessive Emails
As part of resolving the email delivery problem it was necessary to purge the outgoing email queue. If you had been attempting to retrieve your user credentials over multiple iterations - it is likely this would have added multiple messages to the outgoing queue - and thus multiple messages eventually delivered once the blockage was removed.
24-Aug-2017Missing Event Checks
Due to the email sending/receiving issue, the notifications which trigger event disbursements for events which closed registration in the last two weeks were in a non-delivered state - thus no checks were issued. These will be addressed promptly.
24-Aug-2017Email Delivery Issues
We are working to resolve an issue with sending/receiving email from the domain.

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