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What Others Are Saying About

The following are just some of the kind words and compliments MyAutoEvents has received to date.
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THIS IS AN EXTREMELY COOL SITE!!! I'm a B2B developer myself, and I'm very impressed. Clean, easy to use, and very comprehensive.

I recently inherited We have a VERY rudimentary registration script. I was considering enhancing it, but I think I can now spend my time on better things!

Neal Tovsen
Solo-II Advisory Board, Central FL SCCA
Webmaster, Southeast Division SCCA Solo-II

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for providing such a helpful site!  We are about to start our second event using and it has already proven to be an incredible resource.  We are used to having 50-60 entrants at our events, all of which register at the event.  The event we have this coming Sunday has 43 people that pre-registered!  It makes life soooo much better for the folks at registration at the event.

Once again, thanks for providing this service!

Lee Bohon
Chief Registrar and Webmaster
Central Kentucky Region SCCA

Love the site.  I think it will become an indispensable tool for autocrossers and webmasters alike.

William Loring
SBR SCCA webmaster, Solo II Co-Registrar, Solo II T&S Chief

Bill had a lot more to say about in a message he posted 
to the
Evolution Autocross Mailing List.

What a site!  This is a great new tool - for Solo and Road Racing alike.  I am a Chief of Timing and Scoring for Solo II and Road Racing, so this tool makes my life easy!  No more typing in entry slips until 12:30 the night before a race.  Thanks for a great service to the whole automotive world.  I also love the calendar, as I can schedule my whole racing season, between Cincy and Detroit, all at one time.

Carol Uller
Chief of Timing & Scoring, Detroit Region, Solo II
Chief of Timing & Scoring, Cincy Region, Road Race

Your site is the best site I've found on the net for quite a while!

Matthew Malicki
Solo2 Registrar
Western Michigan Region SCCA


Andrew Schmiechen
Madison Sports Car Club
Autocross Steward

I was going to have to do registration on our website. 
You sure saved me a lot of trouble, Thanks!!!

Gene Young
Activities Chairman
Southern Indiana Region SCCA

We really like your site and the service it provides. 
Thanks for doing it.

Bob Sonntag

Southern Indiana Region SCCA

The site is great!  It has been a great help with Central KY Region Solo events. As of now, we are getting about half of the entries pre-registered and this really helps with event planning.

George Schweikle
Lexington, KY

As a racer needing to register, I like it!  Being able to register myself **AND** my wife all at one sitting is especially nice!  We in Cincinnati are finally thinking that we will have a site to run some events this season.  As soon as we finalize our site and schedule, I'll get to give it a whirl as a registrar.  I'm looking forward to it! Great work!

Caleb Miller
Cincinnati, OH

Gotta love this!!

Randy Ryan
Fort Wayne Region SCCA

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